project : Olympic DC Super Friends, with Apple box post pro. 
Client : Olympic

Apple Box Post Pro Intro

Using : Cinema 4D

project : Intro 3D logo Deltomed. with Apple Box Post Pro

Client : Deltomed

Using : 
- Adobe After Effect
- Cinema 4D

project : music promo, with Apple Box Post Pro.
Client : Sony Music

Using : Adobe After Effect

first stop motion in 2010 audio visual, 
- Daniel Tirta Ramana (animasi)
- Krisnaldito (model)
- Anissa Atiyya (Model)
- Bimo Pradana (fotographer)
- Bayu Kartika (illustrasi)

It is a work of animation that I created for the final project at the Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ).

entitled :

"AYO MENULIS SURAT Bersama Chiko dan Dovi"

This work was created using the Software:

- Adobe Photoshop

- Adobe Illustrator

- Adobe Audition

- Cinema 4D

- Adobe After Effects

This is a project for a bumper for GPIB Harapan Kasih, Bekasi.

This work was created using Cinema 4D software.

done in 2012 using Maxon C4D and Adobe Premier pro.

my notebook intro ( 3D )

made in 2012 using to Cinema 4D software, adobe after effect